Candidate Statement

Statement of Erik Smitt, Candidate for US House of Representatives, District 6

Occupation: Engineer/Manufacturer/Businessman

My career has spanned thirty five years in manufacturing industries; these included aerospace, automotive, petrochemicals and food processing.  I am a Registered Professional Engineer, manufacturer and businessman.   I have manufactured many of the products that consumers use in their lives.  I worked on the plant floor and in management positions.  My “real world” experience is outside of the political arena … experiences similar to most of the American people. 

My work included budgeting for the business as well as managing operations and controlling spending; we produced new products on time and on budget; control of waste was essential.  We were successful in controlling costs without sacrificing quality.  I have worked on the user side of government regulation; these agencies included the FDA, USDA, EPA, and OSHA. I am familiar with government requirements and have written internal, implementation documents, and policies and procedures to comply with governmental regulations; I understand their impact. 

Negotiating agreements with diverse groups included unions, corporations and the government; I have been able to reach agreements in difficult situations.  Our business growth created jobs, not government expansion.  I am fiscally responsible in my personal finances and these values will guide me in conserving your tax dollars and maximizing the return from our government. 

With family serving in the military and my son, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, I take our country’s commitments and actions very seriously. 

My experience will compliment the work in managing our government; I will responsibly serve the 6th district and the country.   New leadership is needed for America’s future.

Erik Smitt