What's in a name??well there is a"k" in Erik and two “tt’s” in Smitt … (no “h”)

… I was born in North Dakota.  My formative years were in San Francisco where I graduated from Lowell high school.  It was a short trip across the bay to the University of California at Berkeley; I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.  Life has been a learning experience.  At a young age I thought I would know all that I needed by age forty … that date is long gone and the learning continues.

Time has gone by quickly working in a variety of manufacturing industries, raising a family of two sons and enjoying life’s rewards.  Work has included fixing problems with tools and my back, to lifting pencils in the company board room.  I have honed a breadth of skills to address the technical, financial and human complexities of getting the job done; development of people and quality results have always been my highest focus.

My work has taken me to live in ten states; I have lived overseas in Lima, Peru and Vientiane, Laos; I traveled to experience new cultures.  My thoughts on people, places and issues have grown with these experiences… the world is a small place, full of wonderful, interesting people with a lot of common values.  I have been a Sacramento resident, in the 6th (former 5th) Congressional District, for the last ten years.

At this stage of life, my two sons are grown with their own careers (one in the National Guard); my wife is a nurse practitioner on the front line of health care. I have the opportunity to take my business experience and solve the problems we face;  I have turned my focus to service in public office.

Erik Smitt,
Feb 12, 2012, 12:05 PM